In our factory we manufacture wooden panels and modules at a professional high quality level. We also offer to design and assemble these materials in to prefabricated housing.

The way to build faster, cheaper and better

Using standardized modules for stairwells, lifts and homes, which are developed at the factory and delivered ready for easy installation on site, has many advantages. In addition to reducing the production price and construction time, planning and design are also simplified. Modular production can be flexibly adapted to the conditions of each project and therefore offers great opportunities to design unique but affordable buildings.


There are many reasons to choose wood for house production. It is an affordable material to work with, it is easy to maintain and is a sustainable choice for the future.

When choosing a house built of wood, you choose a material with a whole range of environmental benefits. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen while carbon is stored in the wood. Wood can then be recycled several times before it is finally burned and becomes electricity and heat for our houses.

We deliver modules, panels or complete buildings to both private customers, property developers as well as private- and public companies. You can find our customers all over Europe even though our core markets are the nordic contries.



Private houses

Twinhouses & townhouses